Useful Yard

I use this site more than any other reference. It’s one of my favorites to share with people in the Northwest, though it’s by no means only Northwest plants. The almost 2,000 trees and shrubs listed are easily searched by Latin or common names, and nicely grouped by species. Seeing plants organized in such a way should sway anyone hesitant to learn Latin names. Compared with other online plant finders, the entries here have several images and tend to be focused on identification. Unsure of how to tell a coastal redwood from a giant redwood? Just compare the needles.


The genre of plant websites is not alone in lacking good typographic design and mobile-friendly layouts. So this responsive site goes a long way, and saves me time when I’m at a nursery or away from my desk.


Don’t overlook the Woody Plant Search, which can be selected from it’s top menu. The filters help you narrow down plant choices quickly, or get you closer to identifying a plant you’ve seen.