Useful Yard

Search for enough plants and you’ll eventually end up on Missouri Botanical Garden’s website. Their Plant Finder database has over 7,000 plants and each entry contains the most important information for identifying or purchasing a plant. The summary of growing conditions is easy to scan, and the description of characteristics is detailed but easy to read. A few pictures are usually included but they’re not why you visit. Same goes for the site’s design, which is overdue for a mobile-friendly redesign. The reason you bookmark this site and use it regularly is because it almost always has your answer.


Being in Missouri, and based on the MBG’s display gardens, the growing advice is specific to its region. So, for example, don’t expect to find every native plant to the West.


The Finder uses Latin names for page titles. If these look intimating or impossible to pronounce, click the speaker icon. Do it! Whoever recorded all the plants names is an unsung hero. His nasally voice may get stuck in your head but it’s helpful for memorization.