Useful Yard

Lupin popping up in the front yard (March 6, 2021).

There’s a new Subscribe page, to make it easier to follow along.

I set up syndication for Notices (new posts), at the request of a couple friends. If you use an RSS reader to follow other sites and blogs, you can add the domain or use these links:

If you don’t know what this means, that’s okay! I myself have never used feed readers. But for sites like mine, which don’t use social media to share links, they’re the easiest way to know when something has been written. If you’re curious, check out NetNewsWire, an open source reader.

For the newsletter, you can subscribe from the new page. If you already joined my previous list, for Seven Thousand Things, you’re already subscribed. If you don’t know, try again? If you want to be removed, you’ll get that chance.

I’m not sure how often the newsletter will go out, but I think I’ll reserve it for major updates, or monthly roundups. Some of that will be determined by feedback.