Useful Yard

In the past, I’d write about a book or plant and wish that I didn’t have to send you to another website for more context. That shortcoming was what inspired the way I made this site. I figured with plant pages, source pages, and a blog to unify them, I could do something like this…

There’s a new book review, in Sources, for The Gossler Guide to the Best Hardy Shrubs. It’s a book I like despite disagreeing with its point of view. My critique revolves around how much the book champions ornamental, nonnative plants. But I would be hypocritical if I didn’t point out that one of the most prominently placed plants in my front yard is a cultivar praised by the book.

Now, instead of merely mentioning this, I can link to the plant and you can see how it relates, without leaving the yard. The cross-referencing will work better when I have all 150+ plant pages live, as well as more sources. Until then, I’ll try to add plants pages when they directly relate to a new post.